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Mayer's Mint

GQI - Gold Quest International Ltd.

is the Numismatics Company, established in Hong Kong in September 1998 by four like-minded people. The Company originated from the strong objective of becoming the world leader in numismatics, through the powerful medium of E-Commerce.

B.H.Mayer's Mint Germany

Established in 1871 by B. H. Mayer in Germany is one of the world's oldest Mint. In 1900 B H Mayer's Mint was appointed as a Court Mint by the Emperor of Germany and since then it has produced some of the world's best Art Pieces. B. H. Mayer's Mint is the partner of GoldQuest and they take care of the product development.

QVI - Quest Vacational International

QVI is the sister concern company of GoldQuest International Ltd launched recently. So, Now the present customers of GoldQuest has another product, VACATIONS. QVI's affiliate property, Elegant Court Hotel in Bangkok which is awarded with a GoldCrown through RCI, the world's biggest holiday exchange company, QVI members have a high flexibility to exchange to other holiday destinational worldwide through RCI.


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Last modified: February 07, 2004