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Islam, the religion of humanity inspires a way of life symbolized by peace and unity. It signifies a singular belief – one with Allah, within oneself, with one another, and with all of Allah’s creations. GOLDQUEST International Ltd, together with the B.H. Mayer’s Mint Germany presents a rare and exquisite numismatic collectible honoring the spiritual center of the Islamic people – the Platinum Ka’abah Coin. 

The platinum coin features two of the most revered landmarks of the Islamic world – the Ka’abah, the focus of prayers of the Islamic People, and the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the holiest mosque in Islam, where more than two million Muslims from all over the world gather yearly in its sacred ground without distinction of class and culture. 

Although platinum sounds new, it is quite legendary. The ancient Egyptians and South American Incas treasured it. France’s Louis XVI proclaimed it the only metal fit for royalty. Beneath its subtle beauty and understated elegance lie the properties that make platinum truly unique. Pure. Precious. And perpetual. 

Platinum reached its peak of popularity in the early 1900’s when it was preferred by metal for all fine jewelry in America. Today, platinum once again charms and enchants a new generation of customers. One of earth’s rarest gifts. 

Issued by the Central Bank of the Somali Democratic Republic, its one-half ounce legal tender platinum coin depicts on the obverse the country’s Coat of Arms, the national flag held and presented by two triumphant leopards claiming and celebrating independence from colonial powers. 

The Platinum Ka'abah Coin is minted by B.H. Mayer’s Mint Germany, one of Europe's largest and leading private family-owned mints and exclusively distributed by GOLDQUEST. 



Ka'abah Platinum Coin 

Diameter : 30 mm 
Weight : 15.55 g 
Content : Fine Platinum 995/- 
Quality : Proof 
Edge : Milled 
Issue Year : 2001 
Limited Mintage : 10000 
Denomination : 250 Dollars 
Issuing Authority : Central Bank of Somali Republic 
Series : Holy Landmarks of Islam